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So much for that. Apparently the trade talks between Boston and Colorado have broken down now that the Sox have refused to sweeten their offer for Todd Helton. Boston was looking to acquire the 33-year-old first baseman in exchange for two mid-level prospects under the condition that Colorado would pay a portion of the $90 million owed to Helton. In addition, Boston was hoping that the Rockies would take two veteran contracts off their hands – Mike Lowell and Julian Tavarez. Rockies owner Charles Monfort issued a statement stating that discussions had officially collapsed, and the Rockies are ready to move forward with Helton on board. It’s unknown how Helton will feel about returning to Colorado now that he knows ownership was looking to unload him. Likewise, there will be bridges to mend in Boston. According to the Boston Globe, the Sox were “not pleased” that the names of Lowell and Tavarez were leaked by Monfort.

There is some question, however, whether or not we really have heard the last of these trade rumors. ESPN.com’s Buster Olney thinks there is a chance that conversations could be revitalized if Boston’s refusal to include Manny Delcarmen was the deal-breaker, as has been reported. Says Olney, “it could be that these talks are dead in the way that Michael Myers was dead in ‘Halloween.'”

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