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UPDATE: Jon Heyman of SI.com believes A-Rod and Boras could be positioning themselves to use Rodriguez’s opt-out clause in order to weasel a “fat extension” out of the Yanks.

A-Rod might opt out, Fans rejoice

Alex Rodriguez, underachieving superstar by day, children’s author by night, had an action-packed Tuesday, nearly inciting a brawl between reporters and police officers at a bookstore press conference, and appearing on several morning shows such as “Live With Regis and Kelly” and “Martha.” His scheduled appearance on NBC’s “Today” show was scratched off the itinerary due to the A-Rod camp’s insistence that Matt Lauer be limited in his line of questioning. Such agreements violate NBC News policy. All this hoopla was in the name promoting Rodriguez’s second children’s book, “Out of the Ballpark,” a work of “autobiographical fiction” according to the author’s publisher.

However the morning after, no one is discussing the book. That’s because in typical E-Rod fashion, the slugging third baseman badly blundered when asked by reporters whether he would consider exercising the opt-out clause in his contract at the end of the 2007 season. Regardless of his intent, the safe answer would have to reaffirm his desire to remain with the Yankees for the remainder of his career. Instead, A-Rod chose to dance around the issue, simply stating that his “goal is to win a world championship,” and that he’s going to take his situation “day-to-day.”

The issue is a hot topic, in part because of A-Rod’s contentious three seasons in New York, but additionally because another overpaid ballplayer, J.D. Drew, took a similar route when he opted out of his deal with the Dodgers this offseason in order to hit pay dirt with the Red Sox for the tune of $70 million over five years. Drew and Rodriguez share uber-agent Darth (Scott) Boras.

After the ’07 season, A-Rod would be owed a remaining $72 million in the final three years of the 10-year, $252 million contract he signed with the Texas Rangers in 2001. Boras seems to think that his client’s value has increased since that deal was negotiated six years ago. “There’s a class of player that has not been fitted into this new market,” Boras told the AP. “Obviously when Alex’s contract was done, the revenues of the game were around $3 billion. Now they are around $6 billion. The elite position player has not been really graded in this new revenue stream we’ve seen.”

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