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You know the glare, you know the dome. But what you didn’t know is that the greatest leader in the NHL’s history is eyeing a return to the league – as General Manager of the New York Rangers.

Says Mess:

“I’m going to have discussions with Glen. I don’t know how long Glen is going to keep doing it. Maybe he’ll continue for another five or 10 years.

“I just know New York fits best for me and my family. And this is what I know best and what I love the most.”

Messier has spent a lot of time around the Rangers this season, and plans on making New York his primary residence in the near future, enrolling his two young toddlers in school there.

Says current Rangers’ GM Glen Sather:

“We’d have to sit down and figure out a lot of details. The first thing would be to be sure it’s what he really wants to do because it’s not something you can work at part time. I talked to him previously, just last spring, and he wasn’t sure.

“I’m glad he’s interested. He has been able to accomplish everything he set his mind to at this stage in his life. Most guys who have stepped in as a general manager have worked to get a little background, either in coaching or working under others in an organization. I think there are necessary steps to take.”

According to ESPN.com, Messier’s comments caught the Rangers’ organization off-guard. That much was evident when Sather remarked, “I understand that Mark can make a comment basically about anything he wants to do in his future, but anything that we’re going to talk about between each other is going to stay with us, at least it’ll stay on my side.”

Messier’s presumptuous remarks could be perceived as a slight to current Rangers’ assistant GM Don Maloney, who has served as Sather’s assistant for the last six years, and who has “basically been the team’s acting GM,” according to Journal News’ reporter Sam Weinman.

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