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Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Singing the Blues

Knicks Rumors & NewsRangers Rumors & News’s got a must-read for Knicks and Rangers fans, as S.L. Price writes an extensive profile of Madison Square Garden tycoon Jim Dolan.

It’s a fascinating piece, and paints the portrait of a complicated, recovering-addict with a passion for what he does. Ultimately, the problem, as Price portrays it, is that Dolan is a know-it-all without the know-how; a megalomaniac whose much-maligned reputation is more fact than fiction – which shouldn’t come as a shock to sports fans.

Among the highlights of the article, Price describes Dolan as displaying “exaggerated self-importance, rigidly judgmental outlook, impatience, childishness, irresponsible behavior, irrational rationalization, projection and overreaction.” He relays many anecdotes to cement his point, including one in which Dolan erupted at an MSG Network meeting in October 2004 when he was shown projected costs for hockey broadcasts in 2005 that far exceeded the costs from a year earlier. The budget merely reflected the assumption that hockey would be played in 2005, as the NHL at the time was mired in a lockout for …

So Far, So Good

Rangers Rumors & News

The reviews are in, and so far, Sean Avery’s performance on Broadway (or at least East Rutherford) is drawing raves.

Says the Journal News’ Sam Weinman: “On a team where there are too many players intent on circing back toward their own defense, it was refreshing to see a player actually move forward.”

Linemate Brendan Shanahan: “I thought he played an intelligent game, a high energy game. You could hear the other teams chirping at him, but he’s a very skilled player. He’s excited about the game. He’s into it. He’s definitely a gamer.”

Rangers coach Tom Renney: “I thought he brought an intelligence to the game that we like. He skates well, he handles the puck well. He can shoot. He asserted himself. He’s a proactive player. I see Sean, with his ability to skate and read the game, as being a penalty-killer. I hope [the fans] respond well to him; I hope they respond well to our team.”

And from the Man of the Hour: “You always …

The Kids Are Alright!

Rangers Rumors & News

Larry Brooks reports in yesterday’s Post that prior to agreeing to the swap of Jason Ward, Sean Avery, and assorted prospects, “two weeks ago LA GM Dean Lombardi offered to send Avery, veteran defenseman Mattias Norstrom and veteran center Craig Conroy to Broadway in exchange for 20-year-old defenseman Marc Staal, who by acclamation is considered the organization’s brightest prospect.” Staal is the brother of Penguins rookie Jordan, and Hurricane’s superstar Eric.

It’s shocking and encouraging that the usually short-sighted Rangers organization did not immediately agree to such a trade – a move that would have plugged nearly every hole on this current Rangers squad while trading away a cornerstone for the franchise for a decade to come.

Rangers fans will remember Norstrom well. The 6-2, 222 lb Swede was drafted by the Rangers in the second round of the 1992 NHL draft, only to be traded as a prospect in ’96 along with Ray Ferraro, Nathan LaFayette, Ian Laperriere, and a 4th round pick. The Rangers acquired the aging and …

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