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Friday, February 9th, 2007

Hughes Coming Sooner Than Later?

Yankees Rumors & News

According to the AP, “Philip Hughes has an outside chance of making the Yankees starting rotation at 20 years old.” Hughes had a 2.25 ERA for Double-A Trenton last season, compiling a 10-3 record in 21 starts. He is projected to start the season at Triple-A Scranton.

Yanks On Way To “Chaos and Controversy”

Yankees Rumors & News

Despite the departures of lightening rods Gary Sheffield and Randy Johnson, Bob Raissman, columnist for The Daily News, believes that the Yankees still find themselves in a “combustible” spot, and that the upcoming season could be one filled with “Bombshells for the Bombers.”

According to Raissman, A-Rod’s police panic at a Barnes & Noble this week is merely a precursor to the hailstorms that Yankees PR director Rick Cerrone is going to have to deal with in ’07. The other issues threatening the franchise include: the continuing saga of the slugging third baseman, the future of Joe Torre, Joe Girardi’s presence hanging over the head of Heir to the Bench Don Mattingly, The Boss’s health, and the potential mid-season signing of Roger Clemens.

Raissman believes that Torre is in for a rocky season, particularly because Steinbrenner is sure to have lingering doubts about his manager after coming within a hair’s width of firing him in October. It will also be interesting to see if there …

Dinner at the Wright House

Mets Rumors & News

David Wright and Papa Wright joined President Bush for dinner at the White House on Monday night for a “baseball dinner” along with a select group of MLB stars. Mets GM Omar Minaya worked for the Texas Rangers when Dubya was the team’s managing general partner.

Eddy: Isiah stays, or else

Knicks Rumors & News

With each game, Eddy Curry becomes a bolder and more dominant player on the basketball court. Evidently, his mouth is growing bolder as well. Today the local papers are reporting that Eddy Curry will demand a trade should Isiah Thomas be fired at the end of the season.

“Definitely,” he said. “I’d be on my way out.”

The NBA hasn’t even reached its All-Star break and the Knicks are already just one win shy of last season’s disastrous win total of 23, thus the team has probably already exhibited the sort of progress that will eventually save Isiah’s job. Curry’s declaration therefore rings a bit hollow – or at least irrelevant. Nevertheless, some today are criticizing the center for impudence and insubordination not befitting the “cornerstone” of a sub-.500 team.

Most of the Knicks beat reporters seem to have a more positive spin on Curry’s statements. Frank Isola of the New York Daily News uses the comments as further evidence that Curry is accepting the mantle of …

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