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With each game, Eddy Curry becomes a bolder and more dominant player on the basketball court. Evidently, his mouth is growing bolder as well. Today the local papers are reporting that Eddy Curry will demand a trade should Isiah Thomas be fired at the end of the season.

“Definitely,” he said. “I’d be on my way out.”

The NBA hasn’t even reached its All-Star break and the Knicks are already just one win shy of last season’s disastrous win total of 23, thus the team has probably already exhibited the sort of progress that will eventually save Isiah’s job. Curry’s declaration therefore rings a bit hollow – or at least irrelevant. Nevertheless, some today are criticizing the center for impudence and insubordination not befitting the “cornerstone” of a sub-.500 team.

Most of the Knicks beat reporters seem to have a more positive spin on Curry’s statements. Frank Isola of the New York Daily News uses the comments as further evidence that Curry is accepting the mantle of team leader and franchise player, comparing the remarks to similar comments made by Patrick Ewing in 1999 when rumors were swirling that Phil Jackson would replace embattled Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy. “Go tell Phil to take his ass back to Chicago,” Ewing said famously. Of course, at the time, Ewing was on his way to the second NBA Finals appearance of his career. Curry is still looking for an appearance on a winning basketball team.

However, Isola’s point is well taken, and the emergence of Eddy Curry as the face of the Knicks this season as been a cause for excitement among Knicks fans this season. Curry is honest in his assessment of himself, admitting to the Daily News that in the past he wasn’t “ready for that kind of pressure,” but credits Isiah for building up his confidence and convincing the big man that this is his team. Of course, Eddy wasn’t the only player who needed some convincing of that, but Curry notes, “Once Steph said ‘OK, this is what it is,’ everybody fell in line.”

Curry elaborates on the role of Stephon Marbury in his success this season: “I’m sure it was tough for him. I talk to Steph a lot. Steph has been one of the most helpful people I’ve had in a long time. He said, ‘This is your team. You’ve got to do this; you’ve got to do that.’ I know he’s been in that position before so if anybody can help me he can.”

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