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Bubba Crosby, remember him? Apparently he’s with the Reds now, and according to the Cincinnati Post, he’s knocking the Yankees on the way out the door.

Bubba on team camaraderie:

That’s something we lacked in New York. It felt like everyone would go their own separate ways. Here guys go out and do things together. I think that’s a huge part of the game. The Yankees have had $200 million-plus payrolls the last few years. Money doesn’t mean championships all the time. You look at St. Louis, it looks like the guys love each other and hang out.

On leaving New York for the National League:

Even being a fifth outfielder for a National League team, you’re going to get three times as many at-bats as I would if I were with the Yankees again. It’s exciting to know I can play my game. Sometimes I’d get the green light, but I’d get the stare from Joe (Torre) that said I better be sure. Then you hesitate and just wait for (Hideki) Matsui to hit a two-run homer.

On the “unfair” treatment he received as a Yank:

I think I just got labeled with the Yankees as a utility outfielder. I never got a chance to hit a whole lot in New York. There they used two extra outfielders, they had an offensive guy, which was Bernie (Williams) last year, and a defensive one, which was me. I’d go out and do my part, but if my spot came in the order to hit, Bernie would hit for me.

I knew I could go out there in spring and lead the whole camp in hitting and it wouldn’t matter, I’d still be the fifth outfielder. It’s nice to go to an organization that if you produce, you’re going to play.

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