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Newsday’s Johnette Howard takes a look at the New York Islanders franchise today, and notes that a team that had been the laughingstock of the league in July is now in the midst of a successful season and an exciting playoff hunt.

It’s been as if Wang pulled the pin on a hand grenade and waved it around, everyone dove under the nearest desk or car expecting the worst, and what actually happened was … nothing.

Nothing awful, anyway.

She concludes:

The Islanders remain a handful of players away from terrifying anybody. But at least they’re interesting. In a town where the Knicks get a lot of praise for merely being watchable, the Isles have been an underappreciated story. They’re six games over .500.

Now, you can call Wang more lucky than good or give all the credit to Nolan. Whatever you like.

But it’s not often a franchise goes through a public crack-up and comes out looking better. Time to put away the butterfly nets and send the orderlies home.

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