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With the trade deadline right around the corner,’s Chad Ford (ESPN Insider) offers five blockbuster deals that he thinks should be considered, including two involving the New Jersey Nets.

He proposes a three-way deal that would send Vince Carter to the LA Clippers in exchange for cap relief and Clippers’ point guard Shaun Livingston.

He also offers a package from the LA Lakers in exchange for Jason Kidd that would likewise allow the Nets to clear oodles of cap space.

Ford offers the following rationale for his moves:

The team is going nowhere in the standings, thanks mostly to injuries. Carter is a free agent this summer and will flirt with other teams, especially the Magic. Even if he does want to stay in New Jersey, do the Nets really want to pay him the kind of money he wants just to be a middle-of-the-pack team in the East?

This deal allows the Nets to clear major cap space (Jackson and Mason are in the last year of their contracts) and add a major young prospect in Livingston. Given that their next move should be to dump Jason Kidd, they’ll need him down the road.

At the moment, Ford thinks the only thing holding up a potential Kidd trade is the fate of Vince Carter. If the Nets can find a good deal for Carter, Ford thinks both All-Stars will be traded as the Nets dive head-first into rebuilding mode in the hope of building a strong young nucleus in time for their move to Brooklyn.

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