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In the wake of a physical contest against the New Jersey Devils, New York Post columnist Larry Brooks dubs the Rangers “Team Timid,” and criticizes the franchise for “a culture created and perpetuated by a succession of front offices that have operated under the illusion that the meek will somehow inherit the Stanley Cup.” Brooks thinks that while the acquisition of Sean Avery has brought “sandpaper to a club that’s too smooth for its own good,” the Rangers continue to prove themselves unable to protect their biggest star and asset.

…There is no doubt a double standard applies to the way officials around the NHL refuse to call flagrant fouls committed against Jaromir Jagr.

Last night, referees Greg Kimmerly and Wes McCauley allowed Paul Martin to get away with an unpenalized first-period knee on No. 68. What else is new?

It was after the Jan. 31 game at the Garden against Toronto that Brendan Shanahan expressed amazement at the abuse officials had permitted opponents to inflict on Jagr. If anything, it has gotten worse since then.

It is as if the league is sanctioning flagrant fouls against Jagr. It is as if the NHL referees have declared open-season on the Rangers’ captain.

The league won’t protect Jagr and the Rangers don’t appear capable of it. Again, what else is new?

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