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Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Sheff, Cliff Have Plenty to Say

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Today must be Disgruntled Former New York Corner Outfielders Day (DFNYCOD for short). First we have some quotes from Tiger training camp, where not surprisingly, former Yank Gary Sheffield has decided to stir the pot.


“Joe [Torre] took the fire out of me,” Sheffield told The Post.

Sheffield, who was dealt to Detroit in the offseason, felt slighted that he wasn’t in the starting lineup for Game 3 of last season’s American League Division Series against, interestingly enough, the Tigers.

“I am running out on the field with the extra players. Think of what was going through my head,” Sheffiled told the paper. “It takes the fight out of you. I have been through a lot. To tell me that I had to run out with the extra players, that took it to another level. I wanted to make sure I didn’t lash out and affect the team, but the way we played it looked like we were affected already.”

The nine-time All-Star didn’t think he was going to end up …

Jets Make Cuts, Eye Free Agents

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Back in January, New York Jets running back Kevan Barlow was lobbying to remain with the Jets, stating that he loved playing for head coach Eric Mangini. However, the possibility never seemed particularly likely, as the Jets were pleased with the production of the young tandem of Leon Washington and Cedric Houston. If the Jets did look to add a third component to that duo next season, it seemed likely they’d pursue a more impact player than the mediocre Barlow.

Yesterday, those thoughts were confirmed, as the Jets cut Barlow, along with offensive lineman Trey Teague. The Daily News reports that no further cuts are expected before the start of free agency in eight days, and instead Gang Green will turn its attention to potential free agent signees, in particular Baltimore Ravens All-Pro linebacker Adalius Thomas. The Jets were thought to have interest in Patriots’ cornerback Asante Samuel, however New England slapped the franchise tag on Samuel, ending any such thoughts. Now it appears the team will …

The Jason Kidd Sweepstakes

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It’s been reported for weeks now that the LA Lakers are aggressively trying to acquire Jason Kidd from the New Jersey Nets. The Lakers believe they would have a Championship-caliber starting five with Kidd and Kobe Bryant, and Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom in the frontcourt. Problem is, the Nets want second-year center and NJ-native Bynum included in any package for Kidd. The Bergen Record reports that at the very least the Nets will demand that Lamar Odom be included in the deal. It’s unlikely that the Nets will accept LA’s offer of injured center Kwame Brown, rookie Jordan Farmar, the expiring pacts of Chris Mihm and Aaron McKie, and draft picks.

For his part, Kidd doesn’t seem particularly broken up at the prospect of moving to Los Angeles. Says Kidd, “If I’m traded to who everybody’s speculating, you know, I think that could work out.”

Less thrilled with the idea of Kidd in purple and gold are the Phoenix Suns. The Bergen Record reports that …

Vinsanity to NYC?

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As improbable as it sounds, the New York Post reports that “multiple sources” have confirmed that the Knicks and Nets have spoken extensively about the availability of both Jason Kidd and Vince Carter. It’s hard to imagine the Nets shipping either player across the river unless they felt the deal was heavily tilted in their favor, which does not appear to be the case if reports in the Post are true.

The possibility of adding Jason Kidd to a backcourt with Stephan Marbury — the self-annoited “best point guard in the NBA” — is just too mind-boggling to be believed. Watching the interaction between those bitter rivals would be worth the price of admission alone. Of course, the deal sounds improbable for a good reason – it’s not happening. According to the Post, the Knicks offered Channing Frye along with Steve Francis (due $15M this year, $16.4 next, and $17.2 in ’08-’09) in exchange for Kidd, and the conversation ended there. Hey, there’s no harm in …


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The NBA Trade Deadline hits today at 3 p.m. and thus far there’s been zero movement. Is this a calm before the storm or will the 2007 trade deadline come and go without major incident? There certainly are enough rumors floating around to make today an interesting one, and the New Jersey Nets figure prominently in most of them.

The Knicks have apparently inquired about both Jason Kidd and Vince Carter, though a deal between the cross-river rivals is highly unlikely. Another team allegedly interested in Carter is the Orlando Magic.

Meanwhile, the fate of Jason Kidd remains a hot topic, as seemingly every west coast team appears interested in the All-Star point guard. Even the Phoenix Suns have gotten in on the bidding, despite the presence of back-to-back MVP Steve Nash in the backcourt. Presumably, Phoenix would be looking to block a rival from acquiring Kidd more than anything else.

Another point guard that could be on the move is Sacramento’s Mike Bibby, whom the Cavaliers are …

D-Wright: Not So Fast, Jimmy

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Via Adam Rubin on his blog, Surfing the Mets:

The Mets hardly bit today on Jimmy Rollins’ comments that the Phillies are the team to beat in the NL East.

“If that’s Jimmy’s way of motivating the team, then that’s his choice,” David Wright said. “That’s something you’re not going to find around here. We don’t need any motivation. We go out there and we’re going to take care of business. We have the type of veteran leadership that isn’t going to talk about it. We’re going to go out there and back it up.”

Rollins Says Phillies Are the Team to Beat

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To hear Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins tell it, the Mets needn’t bother coming north from Port St. Lucie. Says Rollins, “Bottom line, we’re the team to beat. I can’t put it any other way.” As Kevin Kernan of the Post puts it, the gauntlet is thrown down.

“Look at our team. Look at what we’re bringing. Look at the improvements we’ve made.”…

“They won a division. Congratulations, but last year is over.”They can take it any way they want; I’m just merely stating the facts.”…

“The proof will be in the pudding at the end of the day, though. Hey, I’m not a big talker, but when there is a fact to be made, I’m not afraid to say it.”

Age in the Outfield

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Every local paper seems to have a story on the Mets veteran corner outfielders today, most focusing on the duo’s advanced age.

David Lennon of Newsday notes that while “one of the biggest knocks on Cliff Floyd was his inability to stay upright,” his replacement in left field, Moises Alou, is not known for being an iron man either, playing in just 98 games last year for the San Francisco Giants. In fact, Alou told reporters that he was contemplating retirement before getting hot toward the end of last season and batting .339 in his final 34 games. Manger Willie Randolph says he plans to use Alou in a manner similar to Paul Lo Duca, rotating Endy Chavez into the outfield frequently in order to keep the 40-year-old Alou as fresh as possible.

Shawn Green is similarly looking for rejuvenation in 2007, though he looks to have a bit more work in front of him. Though by no mean washed-up at age 34, Green’s seen …

Fernando Shows His Power

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Via the New York Post:

Fred Wipon was asked what he thought of Fernando Martinez after the Mets’ 18-year-old super prospect took batting practice yesterday. The principal owner replied, “Wow.”

Martinez hit in a group at Tradition Field with fellow minor leaguers Carlos Gomez (also a top prospect), Mike Carp and Michel Abreu. Martinez had a couple of eye-opening shots in batting practice. One hit the right-field beam and one hit off the batter’s eye in center, which is 40 feet tall. The dimensions at Tradition Field are the same as at Shea Stadium. The shot to center hit the eye two-thirds up after going over the fence, positioned 410 feet from home plate. The bomb to right traveled approximately 15 to 30 feet over the fence (338 down the right-field line).

Juan Padilla’s Bag of Tricks

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The New York Times brings us yet another profile of a Mets pitcher today, and this time it’s a new, old face. After posting a 1.49 ERA in 24 appearances in ’05, right-hander Juan Padilla missed the entire 2006 season after undergoing Tommy John surgery on his right elbow. Now healthy, Padilla hopes to have a good spring and earn back his spot in the Mets bullpen.

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