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Today must be Disgruntled Former New York Corner Outfielders Day (DFNYCOD for short). First we have some quotes from Tiger training camp, where not surprisingly, former Yank Gary Sheffield has decided to stir the pot.


“Joe [Torre] took the fire out of me,” Sheffield told The Post.

Sheffield, who was dealt to Detroit in the offseason, felt slighted that he wasn’t in the starting lineup for Game 3 of last season’s American League Division Series against, interestingly enough, the Tigers.

“I am running out on the field with the extra players. Think of what was going through my head,” Sheffiled told the paper. “It takes the fight out of you. I have been through a lot. To tell me that I had to run out with the extra players, that took it to another level. I wanted to make sure I didn’t lash out and affect the team, but the way we played it looked like we were affected already.”

The nine-time All-Star didn’t think he was going to end up in Detroit.

“I didn’t consider myself a DH, so I really didn’t look at that situation,” Sheffield told the Associated Press Wednesday morning before his first workout with the Tigers. “I said, ‘I’m an outfielder.’ I looked at the Cubs, Houston and teams like that. I looked at Boston, but I knew they weren’t going to trade me there, and the Mets.”Sheffield said he feels bad for Bernie Williams because the Yankees have offered him only a minor league contract.

“I think he deserves a little better,” he said.

Next, Cliff Floyd gets in on the fun, breaking the recent Yankees streak of consecutive back pages. From the New York Post:

Four months and 2,000 miles removed from last year’s NLCS Game 7, Cliff Floyd painted a scene of confusion and indecisiveness in the Mets dugout during the bottom of the ninth inning of that game.

Now a Cub, Floyd revealed yesterday that Willie Randolph originally wanted to bunt but was talked out of it by bench coach Jerry Manuel.

Randolph instead opted to send a hobbled Floyd to the plate as a pinch-hitter with two on, nobody out and a trip to the World Series hanging in the balance.

“He was confused,” said Floyd. “I really thought he was going to bunt. Had I been feeling better, I thought it would have been a great call. Not that I’m second-guessing, because I was sure I was going to get a hit. But I had missed almost four games. No at-bats, nothing, just straight [batting practice].

“I thought he was going to bunt. He thought about it, but Jerry talked him out of it. That’s what bench coaches do, I guess.”

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