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As improbable as it sounds, the New York Post reports that “multiple sources” have confirmed that the Knicks and Nets have spoken extensively about the availability of both Jason Kidd and Vince Carter. It’s hard to imagine the Nets shipping either player across the river unless they felt the deal was heavily tilted in their favor, which does not appear to be the case if reports in the Post are true.

The possibility of adding Jason Kidd to a backcourt with Stephan Marbury — the self-annoited “best point guard in the NBA” — is just too mind-boggling to be believed. Watching the interaction between those bitter rivals would be worth the price of admission alone. Of course, the deal sounds improbable for a good reason – it’s not happening. According to the Post, the Knicks offered Channing Frye along with Steve Francis (due $15M this year, $16.4 next, and $17.2 in ’08-’09) in exchange for Kidd, and the conversation ended there. Hey, there’s no harm in trying, right?

Talks surrounding Vince Carter got much more serious than the discussions for Kidd, however that deal seems to be dead as well. The Knicks had expressed interest in VC when he was first made available by Toronto, only to be out-bid by the Nets at the time. The Post reports that several players on the Knicks’ roster appealed to the Nets (David Lee, anyone?), but Thomas again preferred to structure a deal with Frye as the centerpiece. The Nets likely have no qualms with adding Frye to their roster, however they do not see the second-year player alone as the starting point for a deal. The Bergen Record reports that the Knicks were willing to offer a package of Frye, Jamal Crawford, and Malik Rose, but were unwilling to part with any more of their young assets.

Says one league executive, as quoted by the Post:

There was interest on both sides and there were conversations, but what was offered simply didn’t appeal to the Nets.

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