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Last week, the media put its spotlight on Yankee phenom Phil Hughes, who has been turning heads down at Yankees spring training. Today John Harper of the Daily News reports on the performance of Mets’ pitching prospect Mike Pelfrey. According to Harper, Hughes and Pelfrey both seem destined for great things, which “makes for an intriguing question: Which one blossoms faster?”

Harper quotes Mark Brewer, Pelfrey’s AAA pitching coach, on the improved slider and changeup that he’s added to his repetoirre:

“He’s made a big jump. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m really, really excited about what he’s doing.”

And manager Willie Randolph on Pelfrey’s potential:

I’m not saying Pelfrey is ready, but you’re seeing more and more talented young pitchers out of college coming up through the ranks very quickly. If they have the makeup to deal with the pressure and they’re astute enough to retain what you’re teaching them, I think the faster you get their feet wet, the more it can be a springboard to a promising career.

Pelfrey on lessons he learned in four major league starts with the Mets last year:

When I got in trouble last year it was because I was inconsistent with my secondary stuff. At that level the hitters are so good that if you can’t command another pitch, they see the breaking ball or the change-up and immediately say, ‘Hey it’s a ball.’ Pretty soon they’re saying, ‘Hey this guy’s got to throw his fastball,’ and they started hitting it.

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