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The New York Post is exclusively reporting that Rangers GM Glen Sather is entertaining offers for captain Jaromir Jagr. According to the Post, Sather has told teams around the league that he’ll listen if presented with an offer that “knocked him out.”

Coincidentally, or not, the Daily News reports today that Jagr has been engaged in a month-long feud with defenseman Aaron Ward, stemming from a shouting match between the two during a game on February 3rd. Jagr allegedly criticized Ward for a routine dump-in, prompting Ward to fire back and call into question Jagr’s leadership. If true, Ward would be far from the only one to levy that criticism as of late.

If you’ve been paying attention, it’s been evident for months now that the Rangers are a dysfunctional lot. Though the organization can’t be blamed for handing the captain’s ‘C’ to their best player over a player like Brendan Shanahan who had only just signed as a free agent with the Blueshirts, the decision has made for plenty of awkward moments throughout the season. Shanahan is a born-leader who relishes the role, whereas Jagr often avoids the responsibility. It would not have been unprecedented had the Rangers gone the other route. Boston Bruins’ defenseman Zdeno Chara was handed the captaincy this season upon signing a lucrative contract with the B’s in the offseason. Nevertheless, the Rangers’ leadership duo had managed to maintain some semblance of functionality for much of the year. However following the recent devastating injury to Shanahan, the team has appeared rudderless.

If you were in need of any further evidence of the mood in the Rangers locker room, look no further than the captain, here quoted by the Daily News on the dispute with Ward:

I’ve got no problem with anybody. He didn’t play the last game and it’s my fault?

During the game there are a lot of situations. He wasn’t happy, probably with the way I was talking to him. Should I write an E-mail? No.

Mikey Nylander, I tell him to pass me the puck 50 million times in the game. Did he ever come to you? They’re telling me to shoot 50 million times. Do I come to you and say, ‘The coach is yelling at me to shoot. It hurts me (points to his heart) right here’?”

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