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ESPN analyst Barry Melrose on Rangers captain Jaromir Jagr, and the prospect of the All-Star being shopped around the league in the offseason:

No one wants Jaromir Jagr – with what he makes and what he gives you. It’s not like he’s taking teams to Stanley Cup finals. Washington was gonna build their franchise around him and look what happened there. Same thing with New York and look what’s happened. He’s a one-dimensional player who’s on the last legs of his career, making a ton of money, and not a winner.

You know what the New York Rangers did making him captain? It’s like when you’re in Pee Wee and you’ve got a bunch of 12-year-olds and you make the best player the captain, that’s all the Rangers did. Jaromir Jagr is not a leader. He is – he was a great offensive player.

Wow, bit harsh, Barry…

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