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Via the Post:

A Jets source last night confirmed the deal and said it’s contingent on the two sides coming to a contract agreement and [Thomas] Jones passing a physical today. [Agent Drew] Rosenhaus did not return several phone calls.

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Based on the current running back market, with Travis Henry getting $12 million in guaranteed money in a five-year deal with the Broncos and Ahman Green signing with the Texans for $23 million over four years, Jones’ deal should come in at around $5 million per year.

According to Gary Myers of the Daily News, an agreement has already been reached:

Jones will get $12M guaranteed in a multi-year deal negotiated with the Jets last night. Jones is a better player than the top free-agent backs: Ahman Green (signed by Houston), Travis Henry (signed by Denver) or [Dominic] Rhodes, who may sign with the Giants.

Mark Cannizzaro of the Post says the deal is a heist:

THE next picture you see of Mike Tannenbaum should depict the Jets’ general manager wearing a ski mask over his boyish face, because he held the Bears up with a squirt gun and a smile yesterday.

The loot was Bears’ running back Thomas Jones, a legitimate 1,000-yard rusher who’s not only a terrific pass receiver but battle-tested in the postseason, where he just carried Chicago to Super Bowl XLI on his able back.

If you question the premise that the Jets got Jones for mere Monopoly money, go gauge the vibe in Chicago today by listening to some Windy City sports talk radio.

You won’t find many Bears fans glad to see Jones go – for any price, let alone a single second-round draft pick.

The Jets didn’t land Curtis Martin or Tiki Barber last night, but in terms of production and character, Jones might not be far off from those two former New York running back icons who spoiled Jets and Giants fans this decade.

At only 28, he’s a true feature back with good hands and, based on some conversations with some Chicago people who know him well, he’s also a man of high character – a big factor for Tannenbaum and Eric Mangini

Jones and his younger brother, Cowboys’ running back Julius Jones, grew up in small town in southwestern Virginia where their parents worked as coal miners in order to support the two brothers and their five sisters. CBS broadcast a fantastic featurette on the family prior to Thomas Jones’ appearance in Super Bowl XLI.

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