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Rookie revs up the Knicks in rout of Raptors


New York Post


New York Post

Balkman goes off


Balkman Pumps Energy Into Sluggish Knicks

New York Times

Balkman lights a fire for Knicks

Journal News

Renaldo Balkman was scary-good for the Knicks yesterday afternoon. His 15 points and 12 boards don’t even begin to describe the energy and hustle he brought to the contest. On the offensive end, Balkman’s second effort single-handedly turned wasted possessions into points. On the defensive end, Balkman’s numerous deflections, tips, and blocks spurred a plethora of fast break opportunities – many of which Balkman finished.

Lately, the Knicks have struggled to feed the monster that is Eddy Curry. Neither Curry nor the team’s guards have found a way to consistently get the big man the rock since the opposition began double-teaming Curry as soon as he touches the ball. However, one gets the feeling that in Renaldo and David Lee, the Knicks have a forward tandem that has the potential to wear out the opposition, allowing coach Isiah Thomas the option of running an uptempo, run-and-gun offense at times to compliment Curry’s inside game.

Neither Lee nor Balkman are consistent jump shooters, which allows defenses to sag off of them on the perimeter and double and triple team the scoring threats on the floor – a fact that has made the pairing of the duo problematic this season. However yesterday Balkman and Jared Jeffries each spurred the fast break and played together effectively despite the limited offensive range of both players. When Lee is healthy, it will be interesting to see whether or not Thomas is able to utilize the energy of both he and Balkman on the floor together. Certainly in the future, the team hopes that both players will make the concerns moot by improving their jump shot – much as Trevor Ariza has tried to do in Orlando this season.

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