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I wouldn’t be surprised if there are diehard Knicks fans out there who don’t know who this man is, nor would I blame them. This is Glen Grunwald, senior vice president of basketball operations, and the man behind the scenes whom Isiah Thomas brought in to basically serve as general manager while Thomas took over as coach. Grunwald served as Zeke’s right-hand man in Toronto before taking over as GM when Thomas left the franchise in 1998.

In Newsday today, Ken Berger takes a closer look at the man behind the curtain. While the Knicks are trapped in salary cap purgatory for at least the next two years, Berger offers a glimmer of hope for the future:

In Toronto, when Thomas was running a basketball team for the first time only a year after he’d retired, Grunwald was the voice of reason – the guy who talked him out of rash moves and kept him grounded.

Thomas could have used Grunwald his first three years as the Knicks’ president. Which is why, whatever you think of the GM job Thomas has done to this point, the Knicks might have it right with these two now. “He makes the final decisions,” Grunwald said. “But I’m very comfortable expressing what I think are things we should do.”

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