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In the Daily Rags today you’ll find several accounts of reliever Guillermo Mota‘s triumphant debut at Mets’ camp. Six weeks after his teammates started spring training, Mota reported yesterday to begin tuning up for the start of his season, which begins following the 50-game ban he received for violating baseball’s steroid policy.

In the Post, Kevin Kernan pens the best piece of the day, declaring that after witnessing the hero’s welcome that Mota received yesterday, he is completely confident that baseball will never be rid of the spectre of steroids. Said Billy Wagner, as quoted by Kernan:

“You’ve got corking, you’ve got triple-dipping bats, rocks for baseballs, you’ve got pine tar on their hats, you name it. Everybody’s cheating, trying to get an advantage. The only people who have to say they’re sorry is the ones that get caught.”

Kernan’s point is that just as Yankee fans cheer every Jason Giambi long ball, Mets fans will easily forgive and forget Mota’s offense – especially with the sudden void in the bullpen created by Duaner Sanchez‘s injury. When a cheat is exposed, the fans are indignant, but when that cheat is helping their team win, suddenly the outrage is put on mute.

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