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Just when Yankee fans were feeling optimistic about the organization’s new found stability in the front office, they’ve been thrown a curve ball. Successor to the Yankee throne Steve Swindal and George Steinbrenner‘s daughter Jenny Swindal have filed for divorce, throwing a monkey wrench into the team’s chain of command.

Over the last several years, Steinbrenner has increasingly delegated the day-to-day responsibilities of running the team to his top executives. Swindal was at the top of that hierarchy. In fact, according to Newsday, it was Swindal who worked with GM Brian Cashman “to draft Cashman’s current arrangement, whereby the GM enjoys the powers consistent with others holding his title throughout the major leagues.” It was this arrangement that in large part shaped the team’s current path, reducing payroll while nurturing home-grown talent and stockpiling young arms. It was likewise Swindal who “supported Cashman’s desire to bring back [Joe] Torre” despite his father-in-law’s impulse to fire the long-time manager following the Yankees’ first round playoff loss to the Detroit Tigers last October. Now it appears Swindal is out.

Via The New York Times:

When Swindal leaves the family, he will effectively leave the Yankees. According to an individual with direct knowledge of the matter, Steinbrenner no longer plans to promote him, and he would seem to have no future with the team. 

Meanwhile Kat O’Brien and Ken Davidoff of Newsday tell us that the move doesn’t come entirely unexpected:

The announcement ended a month and a half of speculation concerning Swindal’s future. On Feb. 15, Swindal was arrested in nearby St. Petersburg for driving under the influence. That the arrest occurred Valentine’s Day night, and about a 30-minute drive from the Swindals’ Tampa home, raised multiple eyebrows in the Yankees’ universe – justifiably, it turns out. 

Newsday also provides us today with in-depth profiles of the three most likely candidates to replace Swindal as The Boss’s successor: Steinbrenner’s sons Hank and Hal, and Steinbrenner’s other son-in-law, Felix Lopez. If Steinbrenner is truly committed to keeping ownership in the family, I suggest he not go the son-in-law route this time around.

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