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UPDATE: Not sure why all the secrecy, but apparently the Knicks knew more about Q’s upcoming surgery than they were letting on. In fact, The Daily News‘ Frank Isola is now reporting that Q underwent surgery yesterday, and is obviously done for the season. Via Isola:

Isiah Thomas even suggested that the Knicks were well aware that Richardson would eventually need surgery. Because of Richardson’s history of back problems the Knicks could not get his contract insured.

The Knicks said that Richardson had microdiskectomy surgery which, according to medical journals, is the “minimally invasive surgical removal of disk fragments from a herniated disk, usually in the lower back (lumbar area).”


Via The New York Times‘ Howard Beck:

[Knicks quard Quentin] Richardson recently told teammates that he will not play again this season and that he would probably have surgery to repair a ruptured disk. Richardson was said to be seeking a second opinion before committing to the operation. The typical recovery time is four to five months, which means that if all goes well, Richardson would be back for training camp in October.

Personally, I think this is fantastic news for Knicks fans. Q exploded out of camp this fall, and was the sole bright spot during the season’s early weeks when the team was routinely getting booed off the court. Richardson immediately cemented himself as the team’s leading scorer and toughest defender, regaining his touch from 3-point range as well as pounding the offensive glass and showing off his inside game.

But just as the Knicks began to become competitive, Q’s back once again flared up on him, to the point where he was limited to a spot-up jump shooter on offense and a pilon on defense. This is nothing new for Q, who’s suffered from back spasms since his days with the Clippers three years ago, and who has missed 55 games during his two seasons with the Knicks – 30 due to back injuries.

Honestly, for a kid with so much talent, it borders on criminal that nothing has been done to correct this problem sooner. If indeed Richardson has been diagnosed with a ruptured disk, it could prove a blessing in disguise. According to The Times, 85 to 90 percent of athletes come all the way back to their elite level prior to injury. A healthy and productive Quentin Richardson on the floor for the majority of the ’07-’08 season would go a long way toward at last ending the franchise’s streak of losing seasons.

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