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Bill Pennington pens a fascinating article for the New York Times today, discussing the benefits of stem cell research, and how it could change the face of sports medicine, perhaps as soon as three-to-five years from now. Primarily the technology endeavors to induce tissue regeneration, and could revolutionize the way doctors treat injuries such as torn ACLs and rotator cuffs – currently both common and career-threatening injuries. Equally interesting is the potential such medical breakthroughs could have on the landscape of performance-enhancing drugs. Writes Pennington:

“There is a performance-enhancing possibility to all this,” said Dr. Huard, who added that he has met with doping officials who are trying to prepare for the new technology. “It might not be detectable because nothing is unnatural — they are your own cells. I don’t think you could turn a bad athlete into a super athlete but could you provide the edge that turns an Olympic silver medal winner into an Olympic gold medal winner? I think you could.”

Definitely worth a read.

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