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Thursday, April 5th, 2007

From Champs To Chumps, Mets Sweep Red Birds

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20-2. That was the combined score of the three-game series between the defending World Series Champion Cardinals and the NL-runner-up Mets. The Mets know they can’t rewrite history, and they’ve refused to acknowledge any special significance that this season opening series may have held for them as a team, but the three-game sweep has to taste a little bit sweeter knowing that it comes against a team that they probably should have beaten in last year’s NLCS en route to their own World Series title. Also in play is the knowledge that the Cardinals openly ridiculed the Mets in their locker room following the NLCS upset, leading a derisive chorus of the “Jo-se, Jo-se” chant that Mets fans sing for Jose Reyes at Shea Stadium. Additionally, on the mound for the Cardinals last night was former-Met Braden Looper, a starting pitcher this season after pitching in relief for his entire career.

The Daily News’ John Harper had previously noted the symmetry between ’86 Mets’ 4-game sweep …

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Well, that’s not exactly what happened, but you wouldn’t know it to hear some Islanders fans, a few of whom want criminal charges brought against Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist and his teammates for slashing, spitting, and cursing at the lovely Islanders’ Ice Girls.

The Ice Girls are comprised of 12 young ladies, ages 18 to 26, scantily-clad and charged with the hybrid job description of part-cheerleaders, part-grounds crew. One of their primary on-ice functions is to clear ice shavings, or “snow,” from in front of the benches and creases. This is standard practice in every NHL building (though usually reserved for professionals and not teenage girls), and in fact, part of the rule book, though not strictly enforced.

In many instances, goalies – notoriously quirky and compulsive – don’t wish to interrupt their concentration during TV time-outs and opt to remain in their creases. In such cases, the on-ice crew do their best to work around the goaltenders without disturbing them. Lundqvist is one such goalie – “a recidivist …

Damon’s Injury Worse Than Cramps

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Via the Journal News’ Peter Abraham:

Johnny Damon was out of the lineup with a sore right calf. Robinson Cano was hitting leadoff and Melky Cabrera was in center.

“It felt like cramps the other day,” Damon said, “but this is definitely much worse than that.”

Now, before you panic, Damon tends to overplay injuries. This is a guy who played last season with a broken bone in his foot. Joe Torre sounded far more optimistic. This seems to be a day-to-day kind of thing.

Pettitte Postponed

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Andy Pettitte’s return to pinstripes will have to wait. The Yankees’ game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays was rained out this afternoon. Pettitte will take the mound Thursday night instead.

Pettitte back where he belongs



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Pettitte set for grand return today

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