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Joe Torre‘s Yankees have underachieved, choked, and generally failed to show up in the postseason for several years now. Naturally the manager has to take his share of blame for these short-comings, and if fans want to hold his feet to the fire for it, I can’t blame them.

What I don’t understand is how anyone in their right mind can blame Joe Torre for the Yankees’ struggles this April. Just over a week ago, Newsday‘s back page shouted “Look Out, Boston!” Ten days later, the sky is falling. A quick look at the Yankees Headlines today reveals a plethora of stories surrounding the fate of Torre, who apparently is very nearly on the chopping block.

To hear some fans and pundits tell it, it was Torre who invested $46 million in Kei Igawa to be a long-man in the bullpen. It was Torre who – apparently concerned about the gilded gloves on the left side of the infield and their ability to get the ball to first – decided to sign the black hole that is Doug Mientkiewicz and toss Bernie Williams on the trash heap. It was Torre who shoveled $17 million at Kyle Farnsworth last offseason, then sat back and watched the division rival Orioles snatch up bullpen arms like Chad Bradford, Danys Baez and Jamie Walker. And again, I’m sure it was Torre who said, “Hey, who needs a safety net? I’m putting my eggs in Carl Pavano‘s basket.”

In truth, the 2007 Yanks and their mis-matched roster are beginning to mirror the 2005 Yankee team that started the year 11-19. That team similarly found itself with a shattered rotation and a void in the infield, and guess what, Torre didn’t assemble that roster either. Only when the team kicked free agent bust Tony Womack to the curb in favor of Robinson Cano and inserted Chien-Ming Wang into the rotation did that Yankee team begin to right its ship, save Torre’s job, and ultimately deflect blame from where it rightfully belonged – squarely on general manager Brian Cashman. This time the Cash Man might not be so lucky.

It was the Journal News‘ Peter Abraham who first pointed a finger at the Yankee GM on Friday. Today The Bergen Record‘s Bob Klapisch joins the muted chorus, struggling to be heard over the calls for Torre’s head. As Klapisch says, “the Yankees’ need for change goes beyond a new manager.” The question is, what tricks does Cashman have up his sleeve this time around?

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