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According to Newsday‘s Alan Hahn, the Knicks have had their eye on Kobe Bryant for a while, perhaps hoping they would be able to get their payroll underneath the salary cap in time for the 2009 offseason, when Kobe has an option to opt-out of his current contract with the Lakers.

That time table may have been accelerated today when Kobe went on Stephen A. Smith’s radio show and voiced his desire to be traded.

On his blog for the Daily News, Frank Isola says that the Knicks should give the kitchen sink to land Kobe in New York. That’s a nice sentiment, but I’m not sure what sink we’re talking about exactly. The conversation obviously starts with a package of Jamal Crawford, Channing Frye, and David Lee, but without the lottery pick dealt to Chicago for Eddy Curry, the Knicks have little else to offer.

Meanwhile, you hear rumblings that Dallas is open to dealing the reigning-MVP Dirk Nowitzki, Chicago could offer a package built around Ben Gordon and Luol Deng, Houston could part with Tracy McGrady, and Seattle could look to move Ray Allen. All of the above would dwarf whatever package Isiah Thomas could possibly conceive.

There’s no question that New York would be a perfect spot for Kobe. A trade to the Knicks would offer Kobe the chance to return to his east coast roots and pair with an emerging big man in Eddy Curry while remaining in the media spotlight he’s become accustomed to in Los Angeles, and simultaneously restoring the luster to one of the NBA’s most important franchises. Unfortunately, there are just too many hurdles to make it a reality.

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