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While many fans and observers were indignant at the New York Post‘s invasion of Alex Rodriguez‘s privacy in yesterday’s photo exclusive, at least one person thinks the story was significant: His wife. According to the Daily News, Cynthia Rodriguez was seen “brusquely” leaving the couple’s Park Avenue apartment last night with a pair of suitcases in hand. Mrs. Rodriguez refused comment to reporters on the scene.

It also appears that Sunday night’s soujourn in Toronto may be just the tip of the iceberg for A-Rod. The News cites several accounts that paint the All-Star third baseman as a “serial strip clubber,” and report that A-Rod’s mystery blonde was spotted on the slugger’s arm in Vegas as well.

In their best efforts to out-do the Post, the News provides various eyewitness accounts of Rodriguez’s penchant for mysterious blondes and glitzy strip clubs, detailing the clubs he frequents, the dancers he prefers, and even implying an affinity for the “she-male” type. It’s all pretty ridiculous actually. But at least A-Rod now knows how Paul Lo Duca feels.

According to one “petite stripper,” A-Rod has also brought his wife to the club on occasion. Said the stripper: “She’s very pretty. I’d rather dance for her any day.” For what it’s worth, the Post today provides similar accounts.

One thing I know for certain: They wouldn’t splash it all over the front page if people didn’t eat this stuff up. This story isn’t going away any time soon.

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