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Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Endy Joins Injury List

Mets Rumors & News

This is getting ridiculous.

Prior to last night’s game against the Phillies, the Mets learned that Damion Easley would be a scratch from the lineup due to a “sharp burning sensation” below his right kneecap. I’m not a doctor, but that sounds like an injury to the patellar tendon.

Meanwhile, it sounds as if Moises Alou is not any closer to returning. The injured outfielder had fluid drained from his quad on Monday, but doesn’t feel much better, and according to the New York Post, the oft-injured vet is growing frustrated.

Which brings us to Endy Chavez. Trailing 3-2 in the seventh inning last night, Endy stepped up to the plate with 1 out and the bases loaded. Chavez hit into an inning-ending double play, but the disappointment did not end there. About halfway down the first base line, Endy pulled up lame, grabbing his left hamstring and in obvious pain. Chavez will have an MRI today, but if the injury is …

Yashin’s Exit Could Open Door for Smyth, Peca

Islanders Rumors & News

According to Larry Brooks of the New York Post, league sources have indicated that impending free agent Ryan Smyth had let it be known that he “would not consider re-signing with the Islanders if [Alexei] Yashin remained with the team for even a portion of the remaining four years of his contract.” So much for the theory that the buy-out was engineered to appease the fans.

While it’s difficult to imagine Long Island being Captain Canada’s first choice, Brooks reports that Smyth is nonetheless open to the notion of returning to the Isles to the tune of five or six years at $6 million per. Five or six? Hey Ryan, it’s the Islanders, ask for 15!

Brooks also reports that former Islanders captain Michael Peca could look to return to the Island and reunite with head coach Ted Nolan, for whom he played in Buffalo. Peca played last season with the Toronto Maple Leafs, and like Smyth, is an impending free agent this offseason. Peca, too, could be …

Bettman Saw It Coming

Islanders Rumors & News

“I don’t understand the Alexei Yashin contract. I don’t understand why it’s 10 years, but it’s not my team and not my money. Time will tell whether it was the correct move on their part.”- NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, 2001.

Selig Demands Giambi Cooperation

Yankees Rumors & News

Via The Daily News:

For the past year, former Sen. George Mitchell has asked Major League Baseball players to voluntarily cooperate with his investigation into the use of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball.

Yesterday, Mitchell got new leverage when commissioner Bud Selig informed Jason Giambi that his punishment for admitting steroid use will depend on how cooperative the Yankee slugger is with the Mitchell investigation, Selig announced today.

In his statement, the Commissioner stated that cooperation with baseball’s investigation on the part of the players is in “the best interest of baseball,” an allusion to the authority granted Selig to act as he sees fit in order to preserve the integrity of the game.

Nevertheless, the Commish is in for a fight if he thinks he can force any player’s hand here. The Players Association has made it clear that they do not feel that any grounds exist for Giambi to be disciplined, thus it would appear unlikely that Giambi would cooperate with the Mitchell investigation out of fear of suspension. Giambi will be …

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