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Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Alou’s Status Leaving Omar’s Hands Tied

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Via Newsday:

[Mets GM Omar] Minaya would like to trade for another bat to help his ailing lineup, but he’s still waiting on the status of Moises Alou, whose severe left quadriceps strain continues to mystify the team’s medical staff.

Until Minaya hears something definite on Alou – and that could be a while – it’s tough to ignore the $8.5-million investment for a short-term fix such as the Rangers’ Sammy Sosa or the Pirates’ Xavier Nady. The A’s designated Milton Bradley for assignment yesterday. The Mets inquired about the troubled outfielder in the past and may show interest this time, but he doesn’t seem like a good fit.

According to the Post’s Mark Hale, the Mets are leery of adding Bradley due to the baggage he carries. While the oft-troubled outfielder’s time in Oakland was relatively smooth, the A’s were reportedly worried that the waters could get rocky in a hurry with Bradley’s return from the DL and not enough playing time to go around.

Regardless, it is the third time …

Pelfrey Could See Spot Start in Philly

Mets Rumors & News

According to Newsday’s David Lennon, Mike Pelfrey’s second chance may have arrived. Pelfrey had been scheduled to pitch for AAA-New Orleans on Wednesday, but was bumped to tonight instead. The adjustment to the Zephyr’s rotation puts Pelfrey on turn for the Mets’ day-night doubleheader next week in Philadelphia.

Pelfrey is 2-1 with New Orleans, pitching to a 2.87 ERA despite allowing a discouraging 30 hits in 31.1 innings down there. More encouraging are the 14 strikeouts and just three walks he’s allowed over his last 11 innings of work.

Wilpon Won’t Free Willie; Skipper’s Job Is Safe

Mets Rumors & News

In the New York Daily News, Christian Red notes that the Mets are 4-14 in the month of June and have lost their last six consecutive series. It wasn’t long ago that that sort of inexcusably poor baseball was putting some people in the Bronx on a “big hook” according to the owner.

But across town, Mets ownership isn’t about to get out their fishing rods. In Greenwich, Conn., for the “Teammates in the Community” fundraiser, Mets COO Jeff Wilpon expressed confidence in his team and his manager.

Wilpon on the Mets struggles:

We haven’t played well, but we’re still in first place (in the NL East). That’s what I make of it. If anybody would have had the magic button to push, it would have been done. You can see the frustration starting to mount, but nobody’s quitting.”

On Willie Randolph:

“I can tell you the best thing I’ve seen is how Willie has handled (the recent slump). The experience he had all those years in the Bronx, it’s time well spent for …

The Giambino to Spill Beans

Yankees Rumors & News

Via the Associated Press:

Jason Giambi will meet with George Mitchell, agreeing right before baseball commissioner Bud Selig’s deadline Thursday to cooperate with the steroids investigator.

Giambi will become the first active player known to speak with the former Senate majority leader. No date was set for their session….The former American League MVP said he wouldn’t implicate other players and appeared to backtrack on earlier remarks that the sport owed fans a collective apology for the steroids era.

“I alone am responsible for my actions and I apologize to the commissioner, the owners and the players for any suggestion that they were responsible for my behavior,” Giambi said in a statement.

Selig said the meeting with Mitchell will take place “promptly.” Following remarks by Giambi that seemed to be an admission of steroids use, the commissioner had threatened discipline if he didn’t talk to Mitchell.

Selig again left open the possibility of punishment.

“I will take Mr. Giambi’s level of cooperation into account in determining appropriate further action,” he said.

Gagne to NY?

Yankees Rumors & News

Gagne to NY?: “The Yankees have reportedly been keeping tabs on Rangers’ first baseman Mark Teixeira, but there may be another reason they have been keeping scouts in Texas. It is no secret the Yankees like the All-Star first baseman, and they have probably seen enough of him to know that. More likely, it is the former Cy Young award winning closer Eric Gagné who the scouts are turning their attention towards. The Yankees have learned that they are 1 of only 12 teams in baseball which can acquire Gagné without the pitcher’s consent, according to Of those 12, the Yanks are one of three teams that have the money and desire to add the closer. The Mets and Angels are rumored to be the other two. Another thing which works to the advantage of the Yankees is Gagné’s contract. The …

Milledge, Gomez Safe…For Now

Mets Rumors & News

In today’s New York Times, Jack Curry takes a look at the Mets’ Carlos Gomez, who has made the most of his emergency call-up this season. Expected to play the entire season down in AAA, Gomez was pressed into service due to a comedy of injuries to the Mets outfield. After a strong debut, Gomez looked overmatched as big league pitchers began to abuse the 21-year-old’s long swing. In recent days, Gomez has looked better, shortening up his swing and even utilizing the bunt to get his speed onto the base paths. In that regard, he seems to already have a better mastery of the bunt single than fellow speedster Jose Reyes, who despite his rise to stardom still does not bunt for base hits nearly enough. Gomez has raised his average to .263, collecting 10 RBI, 7 stolen bases, and 1 homer along the way.

While Gomez’s stock has risen, that of Lastings Milledge has certainly fallen, and it was recently rumored that Milledge …

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