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With all the Mark Buerhle-to-the-Mets talk, the obvious is being overlooked. Buerhle is a nice name to throw around but what really needs an upgrade is the bullpen. The Mets rotation has picked it up as of late, and before we know it Pedro Martinez will be joining the rotation for a stretch run, While Buerhle’s left arm would be a boost in the rotation, a left arm in the bullpen is a wiser choice.

Lefty reliever Scott Schoeneweis is terrible. He continued his poor play last night, allowing two hits, two runs and a walk, taking the loss in less then an inning of work. Schoeneweis’ record is not 0-2 with a 5.86 ERA and a 13/20 strikeout to walk ratio. Hardly the type of player you want to rely on during a playoff push. Lefty relievers are hard to come by, so the market won’t be flooded. Omar Minaya may need to dig a little deeper. The Giants’ Steve Kline or the Cubs’ Steve Eyre are a couple players who have worn out their welcome in their respective cities and can be had. While they’re not spectacular, they’re serviceable and are a clear improvement over Schoeneweis.

In no way am I opposed to the Mets looking to acquire Buerhle if he can be had at the right price (though the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting he’s no longer on the market). He would solidify the rotation further, but unless you have a serviceable bullpen it doesn’t matter how good your rotation is.

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