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Saturday, July 14th, 2007

Sheff Cooks Torre, Jeter…and Things You Stick in Your Butt

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Gary Sheffield just can’t help himself. When he opens his mouth, more often than not, crazy comes out. Newsday reports that Sheff is at it again, bashing Joe Torre, Derek Jeter, and Barry Bonds, among others. The colorful remarks were made in an interview with HBO’s “Real Sports” that will air next Tuesday. Via Newsday:

Among the more controversial comments by Sheffield were those regarding race. Kremer reports that Sheffield thinks black and white players are coached differently. Asked to name teams on which that occurs. Sheffield quickly answered: “The Yankees.”…According to Sheffield, Torre used him to get a message across to the team. White players, Sheffield said, were brought in to Torre’s office and “treated like a man.” Sheffield said he did not think Torre was racist, only that he treated black and white players differently….African-American players who were with the Yankees during Sheffield’s 2004-06 tenure were Jeter, Kenny Lofton, Homer Bush, Tony Clark, Tom Gordon, Tony Womack, Matt Lawton, Shawn Chacon and Kevin Thompson. Kremer pointed …

Jason Juice Meets with Mitchell

Yankees Rumors & News

Just this morning, various sources reported that Jason Giambi had set a date later this month to meet with baseball’s steroids investigator, George Mitchell. As it turned out, the wait was short-lived.

Sources are now reporting that the meeting actually took place today. Via

Mitchell and his staff finished interviewing the New York Yankees slugger, and no further meetings were scheduled, a person familiar with the session said on condition of anonymity because the parties agreed not to make any statements other than the release from Major League Baseball.

Commissioner Bud Selig announced the meeting, which took place in New York, but released no details other than who attended. Selig was not present.

Giambi had previously admitted he had a “personal history regarding steroids.” The New York designated hitter agreed to the session on June 21 after Selig threatened to discipline him if he didn’t speak to Mitchell.

Last month, Giambi said he wouldn’t implicate other players. “I will address my own personal history regarding steroids. I will not discuss in any fashion any …

HoJo a Hit As Rickey Will Man First

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It seems it’s official. Howard Johnson will take over as hitting coach for the Mets. Rickey Henderson will join the coaching staff tonight, assuming HoJo’s old spot as first-base coach.

Earlier today, I had this to say on the decision:

For my money, it doesn’t make much sense to hand Down’s job to Rickey without any prior experience as a full-time coach. HoJo, meanwhile, served as a hitting coach in the minor leagues, where he helped prospects such as David Wright refine their swings at AAA Norfolk. Rickey would seem like a natural fit at first base, where he could further aid Jose Reyes on his way to becoming one of the premier base stealers of this era.

Sutter Will Keep Seat Warm for Devils’ Lou

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Brent Sutter was hired as the coach of the three-time Stanley Cup champion New Jersey Devils on Friday, taking over one of the NHL’s least-secure jobs.

The 45-year-old Sutter will be the Devils’ 14th coach in 26 seasons in New Jersey, and he will try next season to become the first to finish a season since Pat Burns in 2003-04.

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