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Friday, July 27th, 2007

Jets First Session Training Camp Report

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Two things we already knew would happen during day one of training camp:

1. Questions would swirl around whether first round pick Darrelle Revis will be in the starting lineup on opening day (vs Randy Moss). I’d be disappointed if this wasn’t a hot topic. After all, he was the 14th selection in the draft and the Jets traded up to get him. If he’s not a starter in September he should be shortly after.

2. There would be more focus on Curtis Martin’s retirement than Thomas Jones’ arrival. The Jets say goodbye to a future Hall of Fame running back and hello to a running back with similar potential. Curtis deserves the attention now. Because when Jones runs for 100+ yards against the Patriots, the whispers will be “Curtis who?”

And four things we didn’t expect:

1. First round pick Darrelle Revis not to be in camp. When you trade up to get an early first rounder, you need to be sure to sign him. And the Jets generally always sign their first round picks. As of the end of the …

Giants’ Reese Rips Critics, Petitgout

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The Ernie Accorsi Era ended in disappointment for Big Blue and their fanbase, and many would argue that the Jerry Reese Era has gotten off to an equally disappointing start. While visions of offseason maneuvering danced in the heads of Giants fans, Reese appeared to largely sit on his hands, missing out on several free agent targets and in some instances failing to even get a visit from their coveted quarry. Indeed the biggest waves made by the Giants this offseason were not the guys they acquired, but the players they released. In particular, the release of LT Luke Petitgout raised a lot of eyebrows, as Petitgout was viewed as a veteran and a leader on the offensive line, and the new vacancy at left tackle will now likely see guard David Diehl playing out of position in Petitgout’s spot. However, if you’re one of those critics with an eyebrow or two aloft, Jerry Reese has a message for you. Via the New York Post:

“People are …

Curtis Martin the Owner

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I’m not sure even the most faithful Jets fans saw this one coming. Today in one of his many interviews Curtis Martin talked about his dream of becoming an NFL owner.

“I never wanted to talk about it and I didn’t talk about it as a player because I thought it was inappropriate,” he said. “But now that I’m retired, I can say my dream is ownership.”

Curtis Martin said that his idea to become an owner is not a new one. He just wanted to wait and talk about it until after his official retirement announcement so as not to distract the team. I wonder if Tiki Barber would have done the same thing? One more example of Mr. Martin’s unselfishness and putting his team first, his personal goals second.

Curtis, on behalf of every Jet fan I beg you to please own any team but an AFC East one! We could never root against you.

Jon Buzby’s columns appear in newspapers and magazines around the country as well as numerous websites. He is also a frequent public …

Farnsworth could be Outta Here

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Farnsworth could be Outta Here: “The focus for the Yankees in the days leading up to the trade deadline is the bullpen – getting rid of their own dead weight and adding impact arms in their place.

First off they must make space for pitchers on their wish list: Eric Gagne, Brad Lidge, Octavio Dotel and to a lesser extent Dan Wheeler, Al Reyes, and David Weathers. In order to make space they must deal at least one of their guys who are clogging up the bullpen: Scott Proctor, Kyle Farnsworth, and/ or Brian Bruney.

The same old story is that nobody is too interested in guys who can’t find the plate and the arms they are after are going to cost you a Phil Hughes or a Joba Chamberlain, players whom GM Brian Cashman insists are off limits. ‘You can’t hold them all, but certain ones, you have to,’ Cashman said in the NY Daily News. ‘It’s what you’re supposed to do – collect as much talent as you can to help yourself.’

The lack …

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