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Odds and Ends from Coach Eric Mangini’s Sunday press conference.

Leon Washington was back at practice today.

Justin Ayat (kicker) was waived. Obviously the coaching staff felt Mike Nugent’s two missed field goals during the two-minute drill yesterday would have been good during the regular season.

Darrelle Revis is still unsigned and Mangini continues to give the “company line” on players not being in camp ~ as expected. It could be Justin Miller time on opening day.

Mangini is playing Mozart music at practice to stimulate learning. Something tells me there won’t be a lot of that played during the games this year. Via the New York Jets website, linebacker Jonathan Vilma had this to say bout the Coach’s music selection:

“We need to work on that. He had Mozart going or Beethoven. The guys aren’t really feeling that. We have got to work on that.”

Overall, other than Revis not being signed, a great first three days of camp.

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