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Rangers Frustrate Avery: “Last February 5th the Rangers had a 25-24-4 record and could be best described as a weak team. After a deal for Sean Avery they went on a 17-6-6 run which took them deeper into the playoffs than they have been since 1997.

There was little doubt of the sparkplug effect Avery provided. His tough style of hockey was just what the team needed when they looked down. Despite the seemingly monumental effect he provided, GM Glen Sather said that not only was Avery not an instrumental part of turning the team around, but he was actually a ‘detriment to the team’, according to the NY Post.

‘I know this is part of the business, I know this is part of the process, but it’s extremely disappointing to read something like that coming from Slats and not to be offended by it,’ said Avery about Sather in the Post.

In an arbitration brief presented before the hearing in Toronto today the team accused Avery of taking unnecessary penalties among other things. This is an attempt to win a case in which Avery requested a raise to $2.6 million and the team countered with a $1.6 million figure.

‘They talk about me taking, ‘unnecessary penalties,’ and make a lot of references about me that I don’t want to go into but that I don’t think are fair. I certainly don’t think I was a detriment to the team,’ said Avery

During the Rangers 4-game sweep of the Atlanta Thrashers in the 2007 playoffs Avery was very effective as he helped to shutdown the Thrashers’ offense. Avery took up the task of frustrating the dangerous Ilya Kovalchuk, who at one point got so upset he uncharacteristically fought him in route to a 7-0 Rangers’ victory.

Avery had wanted to sign a long-term deal after the season came to an end, but realized that with the team’s cap issues that wasn’t going to be possible. He is still interested in staying despite this possible bad blood. He told the Post, ‘The arbitration hasn’t changed my opinion at all about wanting to be a Ranger and being excited about this season.’

It makes little sense for the Rangers to treat Avery like this except as an attempt to win its arbitration case. In arbitration players and teams make their case on how much they think the player is worth, but in this case it seems irresponsible for Slats to risk alienating Avery who is going to be counted upon this upcoming season.”

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