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Backup QB Kellen Clemens showed some feisty leadership at practice on Tuesday, barking at rookie running back Alvin Banks for not being on the field before a play which resulted in the entire offense taking a lap for the mental mistake.

Coach Eric Mangini likes his attitude. Via Dan Martin of the New York Post, the coach had this to say:

“You are always looking for that from quarterbacks. The reaction should be, it is not OK to have breakdowns.”

The Hold Out and the Prisoner

The biggest name in camp right now could be Neil Schwartz, the agent for both Pete Kendall and Darrelle Revis. He’s working on both ends of the stick ~ trying to get one out of green and white and one into it.

Kendall continues to openly express his unhappiness to anyone who will listen (and report it), while Mangini is at a point of not commenting on it.

Although stating the same thing in different ways each day when asked, you can tell from his words in many inerviews that the coach is getting very frustrated at Revis not being in camp.

Reaping rewards:

TE Chris Baker and WR Justin McCareins get to watch practice today. Via Randy Lange of the New York Jets website, Coach Mangini had this to say about the highest paid spectators at practice today:

“It’s actually a positive thing,” he said. “There were opportunities during our off-season program and they were on the winning team for one of those opportunities. They get to watch everybody else practice today — which I think they’re pretty excited about.”

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