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Today was the hottest day of training camp with temps well into the 90’s. The NYPD Wounded Warriors visited to training camp again today. They help wounded soldiers from Iraq who are back in the states.

Mike Nugent was hot, too, nailing two 57 yarders and two 34 yarders during situational drills.

Tidbits from Eric Mangini’s Thursday press conference via the New York Jets website:

On why this morning’s practice was longer than other practices …

“Some of the things that bothered me, and always bother me, are false starts and encroachment penalties. Those are about as focus-oriented as can be. You need to be able to use the cadence effectively on offense so that the defense can’t tee off on you. You have to be able to quick-count, hard-count, silent-count. All those things have to be part of the package, otherwise they’re just going to line up, put their hand on the ground and go. Defensively, you have to be able to react to whatever the snap count is. You may want to anticipate, but if you anticipate wrong, it’s an easy five yards. Cadence is such a weapon for the offense if it’s used effectively.”

On Leon Washington’s versatility …

“You love when you have a tailback that you can split out. Ted [Marchibroda] used to talk about having Marshall Faulk. He developed a formation based on Marshall being spread out. The defense has to declare if it’s man or zone. Usually the person responsible for covering the back is a linebacker, if it’s man‑to‑man, or a safety. So when you do split them out, you get that information pre-snap. So that’s always nice. You can create some mismatches in that. So you’re giving the quarterback information and, ideally, you have a mismatch against a guy that’s not as good of a cover player.”

Mangini must have made it pretty clear he’s done addressing the Darrelle Revis and Pete Kendall situation. There were no quotes on those two players during today’s press conference.

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