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Sunday, August 5th, 2007

A-mazing, 500!

Yankees Rumors & News

Alex Rodriguez finally did it. On Saturday afternoon Rodriguez became just the 22nd player in Major League history to hit 500 HR’s. He also became the youngest to reach that milestone at 32 years and 8 days old. He is the 3rd Yankee ever to hit 500 HR.

One pitch is all it took from Kansas City starter Kyle Davies and A-Rod put his name in the history books. Once the ball left the bat, A-Rod stood at home plate and watched history fly into the left field seats. The show of emotion from Alex as he rounded the bases was all you needed to see to know how much he wanted to get this historic homerun out of the way.


“I acted like a goofball running around the bases, but you only hit 500 once” said Rodriguez “I didn’t know if it was going to be fair or foul. I was so relieved it stayed fair,” Rodriguez said. “I hadn’t hit one in so long.”

Since …

Hall of Famer a guest at Jets camp

Jets Rumors & News

The biggest news from training camp today was the visit by future first ballot Hall of Famer Jerry Rice.

Via Eric Allen of the New York Jets website are some quotes from Eric Mangini and his thoughts on Rice’s impact on the Jets:

“I think it is always valuable for players to see people who were involved in their sport,” Mangini said at his news conference this afternoon. “But I also believe if you have achieved a level of excellence — in whatever sport or whatever field you have chosen — there are a lot of things you had to do right. There are consistent themes amongst those successful teams and successful people that we can learn from and reinforce what we are teaching them and seeing every day.”

“I don’t know how you could hear someone like him speak and not take something away from it because of what he’s done and who he is — the multiple Super Bowls, the multiple personal achievements,” Mangini said. “He said in 10 years he didn’t take a vacation …

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