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The Jets held their Sunday practice at Fordham University. They simulated a game situation starting with the officials meeting with the head coach before the game, loud stadium music and the playing of the National Anthem.

The game was closed to the public but open to the media.

The green team lost by three points when Mike Nugent failed to hit a 65-yarder to tie it up. Fortunately for Nugent, the would-be NFL record field goal was his only miss of the day. He hit from 26, 53 and 48 yards.

There was more than just bragging rights at stake. Via Randy Lange on the New York Jets website, Eric Mangini had this to say about the winners and losers:

The winning players, he said with a perhaps devilish smile, “are a lot happier than being on the losing team, and that includes the coaches. We have one group grabbing box lunches, the other group grabbing Famous Dave’s, one group watching ‘Sex and the City’ on the way home, the other group watching … I forget what the other movie is, but it’s not that.”

The team is off Monday and will return to the practice field on Tuesday in preparation for the pre-season opener against the Falcons on Friday night.

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