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Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Joba The Yankee

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Joba The Yankee: “Highly touted Yankees’ prospect Joba Chamberlain has been promoted twice already this season and today will be his third as he will be called up to the big show tonight according to the NY Daily News.

He was in New York last week in order to fill out the paper work for a passport and last night he used it to fly to Toronto where he is scheduled to come on in relief of Roger Clemens tonight.

‘He’s certainly catching everybody’s attention quickly, hasn’t he?’ said Joe Torre to the Daily News.

Chamberlain was drafted 41st overall during the 2006 draft as part of compensation the Yankees received when Tom Gordon signed on with the Phillies. He did not even play in the minors last year partly due to triceps tendinitis, but made a name for himself during the Hawaiian Winter League racking up a 2.63 ERA.

This year he started out with the Yankees class-A affiliate Tampa where he posted a 4-0 record with a minuscule 2.03 ERA. After being promoted …

Still NO Jets Cheerleaders!

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That is correct, the Jets still don’t have cheerleaders. I always thought it was because they didn’t want to stoop to the level of the rest of the league by having scantily-clad women on the sideline cheering during a football game when all eyes should be on what’s going on between the sidelines, not on them.

What the Jets have instead is a Flag Team. You might recall that in past seasons there were four slightly-pudgy men who carried the flags leading the team from the tunnel at the start of the game and then racing across the field following touchdowns and field goals. Certainly nothing interesting enough to draw your attention away from the game, beer lines or bathrooms.

However, if you visit the Jets website you will see that this year’s Flag Team will be far more appealing to the average football fan in the stands. The Jets are marketing this team as not your typical cheerleaders.

Via Marissa Shorenstein’s article on the Jets website, the coordinator of the …

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