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That is correct, the Jets still don’t have cheerleaders. I always thought it was because they didn’t want to stoop to the level of the rest of the league by having scantily-clad women on the sideline cheering during a football game when all eyes should be on what’s going on between the sidelines, not on them.

What the Jets have instead is a Flag Team. You might recall that in past seasons there were four slightly-pudgy men who carried the flags leading the team from the tunnel at the start of the game and then racing across the field following touchdowns and field goals. Certainly nothing interesting enough to draw your attention away from the game, beer lines or bathrooms.

However, if you visit the Jets website you will see that this year’s Flag Team will be far more appealing to the average football fan in the stands. The Jets are marketing this team as not your typical cheerleaders.

Via Marissa Shorenstein’s article on the Jets website, the coordinator of the Flag Team, Denise Garvey (former Cowboys cheerleader and Knicks dancer) has this to say about her team:

“I definitely think we are unique in that we are not cheerleaders — we are a flag crew,” said Garvey. “I think we have a group of very strong, very talented women who will add another element of excitement and energy to the gameday experience.”

All I can say is that I agree, they will definitely add some excitement to the stadium. Certainly more than the pudgy guys did. And even better, the bathroom and beer lines will be shorter! At least the men’s room line.

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