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A Heavier Kicker

Mike Nugent gained ten pounds during the off-season and claims to already notice a difference. Via Dan Martin’s article in the New York Post:

“I can definitely feel the difference,” said Nugent, who drilled kicks from 48 and 26 yards, as well as a 53-yarder at the end of the first half, before missing the final attempt that would have forced overtime. “Now, the key is not to lose it, so I have to stay in the weight room.”

“I looked around the league at some of the better kickers, like Olindo [Mare] and [Adam] Vinatieri, and saw that even though they were only an inch or so taller than me, they had 10 or 20 pounds on me,” Nugent said of the 190-pound Mare and 202-pound Vinatieri. “I knew the only way I would ever get to that level would be to get bigger, so that’s what I did.”

My season tickets are in row ten of the endzone. I guess I might have a shot to catch some kickoffs.


Justin Miller and David Barrett continue to perform well in camp. Both were very impressive defending against the first team offense during the recent scrimmage. Something tells me, knowing Eric Mangini, these two guys will be rewarded for their outstanding camps despite the distractions surrounding a defensive back who is not there. And something else tells me Darrelle Revis’ chances of having an impact on this team early in the season are dwindling every day he holds out. One might think Revis has a bunch of pro bowls under his belt or championship rings on his finger the way he is holding out.

With today’s signing of Brady Quinn by the Cleveland Browns, Revis and Oakland’s JaMarcus Russell are the only two unsigned first-round picks.

Free Pass

Justin McCareins chose to use his “get out of practice free” card for tonight’s practice when the heat index hovered around 100 degrees. If you ask me, smart move.

Two more days of practice until the Falcons game. I wonder if the animal rights protestors will be out in abundance? If so, hopefully they’ve made parking plans. There won’t be room on those shuttles for all the picket signs and certainly no animals will be allowed.

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