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Thursday, August 9th, 2007

OPINION: Fans Must Reach Own Verdict on Bonds

There are several phrases that we as Americans tend to toss around with reckless abandon, using them as blanket defenses against tough questions and even tougher answers. “Innocent until proven guilty” is one such phrase – a sentiment embedded in the country’s vernacular that, shockingly, doesn’t solve all our problems. It’s this phrase that Commissioner Bud Selig invoked in his recent statements concerning Barry Bond’s pursuit of Hank Aaron’s career home run record, hiding behind the words rather than voicing an opinion that is etched across his grimace at each crack of the slugger’s bat. It’s a sentiment that many have expressed, embracing the warm comfort of a nation’s mantra rather than facing the reality of a situation wherein the most sacred record in sports has been broken by a known cheater.

I say “known” because I prefer to keep my head well above the stifling blindness of the sand. I understand that while this country was founded on certain principles, they were written down by men of reason, and …

Rusty Pedro Rocked by Runts

Mets Rumors & News

Via the New York Posts:

Finally Pedro Martinez made his first rehab start last night, but his outing was far from dominating.

Martinez, pitching for St. Lucie (Single-A), went three innings against Lakeland, giving up five runs on six hits, including solo homers from Justin Justice and Deik Scram.

The rehabbing ace did strike out five without a walk. He threw 63 pitches in the game, and tossed 17 more in the bullpen afterward….”I felt great,” Martinez told the AP. “My arm, my body is recovering good. Making adjustments will take me a little while. I haven’t pitched in so long. . . . I’m not going to be the Pedro they’re used to seeing right now.”

For what it’s worth, Mets bullpen coach Guy “White Daddy’ Conti seemed encouraged by the outing, telling the Post that Pedro “got the rust knocked off of him.” Nevertheless, there appears to be some rust still clinging to the former ace’s fastball, which reportedly topped out at 88 mph. According to Pedro, he was most displeased with …

OPINION: 756 or Cheater* ?

By now we have all seen the video, we have all read the papers and we all know Barry Bonds is your new All-Time HR leader. How does that sound? Not too good to most people.

Last night we saw the greatest record in sports broken in San Francisco. Bonds finally hit HR No. 756. Say what you want about him, but it was an event we will all remember. In an era of the “homerun”, this was something that caught everyone’s attention, whether you’re a sports fan or not. Everything that came out of the chase for HR 756 would be good enough to put on the silver screen. It had drama, suspense, controversy, betrayal, loyalty, love, compassion, determination and it had its big star, Barry Bonds.

Steroids or not, what Bonds accomplished was nothing short of spectacular and last night demonstrated just that. Several Major Leaguers have been suspended for using illegal performance enhancing drugs and still haven’t accomplished anything near what Barry did. It still takes skill to hit …

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