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Friday, August 10th, 2007

24 hours to go until Takeoff for the Jets

Jets Rumors & News

With the preseason kickoff just 24 hours away the Jets seem to have a lot fewer questions to answer than in recent years.

Three questions in particular are already answered (no matter what any of the coaches say).

The #1 QB is already decided. Chad Pennington could have the worst preseason in the history of the NFL and he’ll still be behind center against the Patriots. Kellen Clemens could have the best preseason in the history of the NFL and he’ll open the season with his helmet in his hand. All of this is, of course, barring injury. And this should be Eric Mangini’s #1 goal over the next four games ~ for Chad to escape injury-free.

The kicking game is in a similar situation. Barring injury, Ben Graham and Mike Nugent will both be the starters. Both had great camps and even if they didn’t, they are far superior then anyone fighting for the position. Hopefully both will have superb games over the next four weeks. After all, it’s the one position on the field that should …

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