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I don’t care what any coach says about the preseason games, he would rather his team win than lose. Some coaches say it’s how you play that’s more important than the final score. But the bottom line is if you play well, most likely you win. And that’s the goal of every coach in the NFL in every game, preseason or not.

And so if that’s the barometer used to measure last night’s game, the Jets can consider preseason victory #1 over the Falcons a step in the right direction, winning 31-16 over the Michael Vick-less birds (can you imagine the irony if their nickname was the Bulldogs?).

In a nutshell:

Mike Nugent’s opening kickoff went through the endzone.

Leon Washington looks awesome on kickoff returns.

Sean Ryan had two TD catches, one of only five Jets players to ever do so in the preseason.

Kellen Clemens took the Jets into the endzone from the 8 yard line following Washington’s 87 yard kickoff return. This was his first of three TD’s and Chad Pennington had this to say about the performance (via Randy Lange of the New York Jets website):

“Kellen works extremely hard. He watches everything I do, but at the same time he wants to be his own man. I think he understands what it’s going to take to be a good quarterback in this league.”

Clemen’s final stats were: 16-for-22 for 174 yards and three TDs ~ a 135.2 passer rating. Chad still isn’t worried about his starting job.

Former Jet John Abraham (not on IR yet), had this to say about the game via Randy Lange of the New York Jets website:

“It was nice coming back to my old house. It was good seeing some of my old teammates. But tonight was like any other game. The Jets caught us off guard at first because they were running the no-huddle and running the ball with Thomas Jones. We didn’t really get to see what our pass rush looked like. But we didn’t give up any big plays, so we have to be happy about that.”

I received several reports that the satellite parking is a pain in the you know what. Even worse, they are charging you $25 to park further away from the stadium than those paying the $15 lot fee. So for $10 more you get to stand in a line for a shuttle and not be allowed to bring anything that can’t fit under your seat onto the bus. And my guess is those shuttles won’t be the coolest places to be during the early-season hot Sunday afternoons. How many people do you think brought large coolers with food and beverage to meet others in the “real lot” only to be told, “Sorry, Sir, but you can’t bring that on the bus.” Regardless, the cost should be less than the usual parking fee. When you inconvenience customers for whatever reason, you are supposed to “treat” them in some way. My guess is the new parking system received its share of special gestures that would have otherwise been saved for Vick.

All in all, other than the parking, a successful start to the 2007 season. Players played to expectations and most importantly, nobody got hurt.

Next up, the Vikings on Friday night on national television. After what that city has been through recently it will be hard to root against them. But we will. And the Jets will play to win. Because you play to win the game ~ preseason or not. Who said that?

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