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Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Rocky start for Giants’ defense

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I forced myself to endure the Giants entire exhibition opener last night against. And it was definitely a test of endurance.

The more I watched, the less I found to be happy about during the Giants’ 24-21 loss to Carolina. Except for a few individual performances, I didn’t see a whole lot that I felt good about.

The Giants first-team defense was particularly awful. Carolina gashed the Giants, ripping off huge chunks of yardage on almost every running play. There wasn’t much in the way of pass defense or pass rush, either.

I know it’s only the first pre-season game. I know Michael Strahan is still “retired.” I know Mathias Kiwanuka was seeing his first live game action as a linebacker.

I also know, though, that new defensive coordinator Stave Spagnuolo could not have been happy with what he saw.

The players love Spagnuolo’s system, which allows them to play more freely and be more aggressive than the passive system previously employed by Tim Lewis.

The way the first defensive unit played was eerily reminiscent of last season, even …

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