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Running back Thomas Jones’ injury to his lower leg appears to not be overly serious. At least not serious enough for Coach Eric Mangini to treat any differently than any other “minor” injury.

Via Randy Lange’s blog on the NY Jets website, Mangini had this to say about the injury:

“I can tell you he’s working extremely hard and he’ll back as quickly as he can,” Mangini said at his midday news conference that just concluded. Then Mangini went on: “Thomas has a pretty strong track record. He missed three games in I don’t know how many opportunities. He’s been pretty durable.”

“It’s a consistent approach with all players,” he said. “We try to always do what’s best in those situations and not force somebody back too early, make sure they go through the whole process, work with the doctors, the trainers, go through the rehab process. Then we test them before putting them back on the field. Everybody on the team is important, every person is important, so it’s a consistent approach.”

Mangini did clarify that it was the lower leg and it was below the knee. I only hope it’s not a high ankle sprain. Those seem to be more serious than any other foot/ankle sprain and tend to linger longer.

As a fan, I’m perfectly fine if Jones doesn’t take another snap in any pre-season game or contact drill. Like every other Jets fan, my heart skipped a beat when I read the headline this morning.

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