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Via The Orphan:

White Sox pitcher, Jose Contreras, has cleared waivers, putting him with Mike Piazza as a player who could be traded by the September 1st trading deadline. Waivers work after July 31st as such: players can be put on waivers for the purpose of trading them, and if they are claimed their waiver can be pulled back. Assuming this happens, a player pulled back must remain with the team for the rest of the season (the Orioles placed Miguel Tejada on waivers and a claim was put in by the White Sox. A trade could not be worked out, and Tejada stayed with the Orioles).

Contreras, a career 54-41 pitcher, is having a disappointing season with the White Sox posting a 6-14 record with an AL worst ERA of 6.24. Recently, Contreras was pulled from the White Sox rotation in favor of rookie Gavin Floyd. He has responded well in the bullpen, allowing one run and one walk in seven innings pitched.

Any team that would take a gamble on Contreras also takes on his salary. Contreras is owed $20 million dollars for 2008 and 2009, which is a big encumbrance on any potential trade.

Regardless of the salary issue, look for a trade to happen – most likely to a National League team. The Dodgers are feeling the effects of not having Jason Schmidt or Randy Wolf. The Padres are losing their grip on the Wild Card, and with the recent departure of David Wells, have a spot in their rotation. The Mets are waiting for Pedro to return, but John Maine has become hittable and Brian Lawrence doesn’t deserve a spot in any rotation. The Braves need a fifth starter and have shown they’re not afraid to make a deal.

Contreras might be an interesting fit for the Mets, providing the White Sox wouldn’t be opposed to eating some salary. The Mets pitching staff has it’s concerns, and I’m not sold that the return of Pedro Martinez can make it all better. Both Maine and Oliver Perez are still young and have appeared to show some wear and tear, and in a playoff run you can never have too many starters. Contreras would thrive at Shea, and his post season experience (career 4-1), would only add to the knowledge Pedro and Tom Glavine could pass along.

No doubt Contreras can improve the Mets rotation, but you still need to ask yourself, what do the White Sox want in return for his arm and experience?

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