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Several sources are reporting that Thomas Jones’ lower right leg injury is a strained calf muscle. Jones’ agent, Drew Rosenhaus, was quoted in several media outlets explaining the injury:

“He had an MRI on the right calf and it was determined that he has what is essentially a strain of the calf muscle,” Jones’ Miami-based agent, Drew Rosenhaus, told the Associated Press. “He said the doctor was vague in terms of how much time he would miss, but it would probably be a week-to-week injury.”

As of today Jones will not play in Friday’s game against the Vikings but is confident he will be ready for the season opener against the Patriots.

There is some question as to whether he will return at all in the pre-season. Via Randy Lewis of the New York Post, Eric Mangini had this to say about the length of Jones’ rehab:

“We try to always do what’s best in those situations, and not force somebody back too early, to make sure they go through the whole rehab process, to be able to test him out prior to putting him back on the field so it’s a good decision.”

Reading between the lines my guess is most likely you’ve seen the last of Thomas Jones in the pre-season.

In the meantime, Leon Washington will continue to practice with the first team offense. Washington was very impressive in the first pre-season game, however, he is considered to be more of a change-of-pace back, not a featured back. Jets fans need to keep their fingers crossed that Jones returns to the lineup 100% healthy in order for the team to take advantage of both backs’ strongest assets.

The Jets have practice sessions today and tomorrow at 2pm and then are off on Thursday prior to Friday night’s 8pm kickoff.

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