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New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum announced at a press conference last night that the Jets and first-round pick Darrelle Revis are very close to an agreement.

Via Randy Lange of the New York Jets, Tannenbaum appeared on SNY for a remote interview in front of the 6-foot-by-10-foot Jets logo on the wall of the second floor of the Jets training complex and told host Brian Custer:

“I’d say we’re very close. A couple of issues need to be resolved. We’ve worked very hard to try to find a solution that works for both sides. We’re very close and we’re going to try to see this thing through.”

The significance of signing Revis this week is the assumption that he could then play in two pre-season games. My guess is that no matter how well he plays before the opening game, Eric Mangini will not start him or give him significant minutes ~ if for no other reason than to set the tone that he is not happy with his holdout and the amount of critical time he missed.

Hopefully my next blog will be with contract details!

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