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The Mets narrowly escaped PNC Park with a victory last night. Going into the ninth inning the Mets were leading the Pirates 10-4. That was until Aaron Sele came in and made it a game, giving up four runs, while only recording one out. It wasn’t until Billy Wagner came in to get the final two outs making it a 10-8 final.

This isn’t an isolated incident with the Mets bullpen, which over the past week has been extremely porous. Over the past six games the Mets bullpen has taken two losses and two blown saves, while recording an ERA of 6.20. Hardly the numbers you’d expect from a playoff bound team.

Some Mets fans may say “Well it’s Aaron Sele or Scott Scheoneweis who are hurting the bullpen. They’re only used for mop up duty.” That’s not the point, and it’s not just Sele and Schoeneweis. Guillermo Mota has hit the skids as well. Aside from that, when you are trying to win a World Series Championship you don’t have guys in your bullpen who are used for “mop up duty.” It’s a waste of a roster spot. Especially when it comes to the lefty Schoeneweis. All lefty arms in the bullpen are counted on to get the big out.

Help is needed but what type of help is out there? With the non-waiver trading deadline passed, it has to be tough to think that a relief pitcher will pass through waivers without any type of claim. Since relievers make less money then starters or position players, there’s not a huge downside for a team to place a waiver claim. With the Yankees releasing Mike Myers, there might be an arm the Mets could take a gamble on. It is definitely an upgrade over the inconsistent Schoeneweis. In some way an arm needs to be brought in to help the bullpen. With the Braves playing good baseball and the still-there Phillies finding ways to win, Omar Minaya needs to take a gamble, scour the waiver wire, and look for a guy who can improve an area of the team that’s becoming a bigger concern.

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